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MediaTek Launches Next-Gen Dimensity 7300 & 7300X Chips

Chipmaker MediaTek recently introduced its latest 5G smartphone processors, the Dimensity 7300 and Dimensity 7300X system-on-chips (SoCs), built using the power-efficient 4nm manufacturing process.

Targeting high-end 5G devices, the new 7-series MediaTek chips deliver up to 25% improved power efficiency and 20% faster graphics rendering over the previous generation, enabling longer battery life and smoother gaming experiences.

Let’s see the main features and capabilities of MediaTek’s newest Dimensity offerings:

Octa-Core CPU for Peak Performance

At the heart of both the Dimensity 7300 and 7300X lies an octa-core central processing unit (CPU) consisting of four high-performance Arm Cortex-A78 cores operating at up to 2.5GHz, paired with four efficiency Arm Cortex-A55 cores.

Compared to the Dimensity 7050, the 7300’s CPU microarchitecture and 4nm production node gives it a 25% advantage in power savings during intensive workloads like gaming, according to MediaTek. Real life usage times on a single charge should see a healthy bump as a result.

20% Faster Graphics for Gaming

For better gaming experiences, the new chips integrate Arm’s latest Mali-G615 graphics processor which is 20% faster and also 20% more power efficient versus competing solutions per MediaTek.

The company’s built-in HyperEngine gaming technologies further optimize gaming performance by dynamically managing CPU, GPU and memory resources based on real-time needs. Overall, expect very smooth framerates in popular games.

Flagship Grade Photography Capabilities

MediaTek’s new Imagiq 950 image signal processor (ISP) allows the Dimensity 7300 series to support insane 200MP cameras along with taking crisp, vivid HDR shots in any lighting conditions. The chips can encode/decode both HDR10 and HDR10+ video formats as well.

On the video front, both SOCs provide full hardware support to capture 4K HDR footage with added features like AI face and scene detection. Plus there’s MediaTek’s Imagiq optimisations at play for noise reduction and auto exposure adjustments.

2X AI Performance, Faster 5G & Wi-Fi

Overseeing all workloads is the high-performance APU 655 AI processor that delivers up to twice the AI capabilities of its predecessor. This allows for amazingly fast execution of AI-powered photography, videography, voice assistance and other intelligent applications.

For connectivity, MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0+ ensures up to 30% improved power savings when using 5G cellular networks. There’s also support for the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard promising faster, lower-latency wireless connections. Plus you get dual 5G SIM and dual Voice-over-NR (VoNR) functionality.

Special Features of Dimensity 7300X

The Dimensity 7300X model brings a couple additional enhancements tailored towards foldable smartphones like greater display synchronization and smoother screen rotation.

These extra optimizations will allow manufacturers to deliver more innovative foldable designs with better user experiences, a fast growing smartphone category.

Closing Thoughts

MediaTek’s new Dimensity 7300 series delivers the perfect blend of performance, with their new 4nm design, upgraded CPU, GPU, camera ISP and 5G capabilities, efficiency and next-gen user experiences to power premium 5G smartphones in 2024.

We expect devices powered by these new MediaTek chips to offer excellent battery life, buttery-smooth gaming, fabulous photography results and great connectivity speeds soon.